Six Influential Telecom CEOs in 2022 

A functioning society depends on the telecommunications sector. Over time, it proved crucial for families, communities, businesses, and governments. The COVID-19 pandemic and the widespread move to remote work increased the demand for a solid connection and an advanced telecommunications infrastructure for every civilization. Being a telecom CEO is a challenging task. In this article, […]

The Burning Need to Update Telecommunications and Network Security

When it comes to cybersecurity, telcos are faced with a wide range of diversity and complexity, including distributed and cloud RAN, Edge and Cloud Core, enterprise and subscriber devices, gateways, hubs, set-top boxes, multi-capacity routers, switches, base transceiver stations, femtocells, and 5G edge gateways. Hacker groups, APT groups and clusters, and malware creators frequently target […]

Ooredoo: Networking Greatness

A significant event such as the most prominent sports tournament in the world requires a lot of telecommunication work. Such an event would put immense pressure on the network. Fans woud be sharing the updates as they happen. This peak demand for communication requires intricate planning and efficient management to ensure quality. Maintaining this quality […]

Ooredoo Kuwait Announces LigaData as Strategic Data Partner at MWC22

Ooredoo Kuwait appointed data analytics specialists LigaData on Wednesday to support data-driven digital transformation projects.   The organizations announced their partnership at the globally renowned telecommunications conference – Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.   Ooredoo Kuwait, formerly known as Wataniya Telecom, provides mobile, broadband internet, and corporate managed services and is part of the Ooredoo Group, which […]

Ericsson directs Ooredoo’s BSS solutions in MENA

Ericsson announced on Tuesday the deployment of its Business Support Systems (BSS) solutions to Qatari Telecommunications company Ooredoo, providing necessary support to sustain its monetization programs. Both companies agreed and authorized a five-year group frame agreement, setting the infrastructure for the latest adoption of Ericsson’s BSS solutions that will spread over several of Ooredoo Group’s […]

Ooredoo, CK Hutchison merge Indonesia’s telco units for $6 billion

Qatar’s Ooredoo and Hong Kong’s CK Hutchison announced on Thursday a $6 billion merger deal that will look to combine Indosat Ooredoo and Hutchison 3 Indonesia (H3I) under a unified telecoms entity labelled “Ooredoo Hutchison Asia.” Both companies highlighted that the deal would set the stage to accelerate fierce competition in the telecoms and internet […]

Ooredoo, Ericson announce 5-year strategic deal

Qatar’s Ooredoo Telecom Group has partnered with Swedish Ericsson in a 5-year global frame agreement to supply 5G radio, core and transport products and solutions, as well as related implementation and integration services. The deal will extend Ericsson’s services and equipment to cover the group’s 10 operational branches found in Qatar, Indonesia, Algeria, Iraq, Kuwait, […]

Ian Dench, CEO of Ooredoo Oman

Telecom companies have played an integral role in keeping individuals/societies connected and informed amid COVID-19. What were the technical and operational challenges faced by Ooredoo during the pandemic, and what solutions have provided people with reliable connectivity the most? Our priority from the outset was threefold. First and foremost, the safety of our staff and […]

Enhanced 5G services – Ooredoo selects Nokia for cloud-native core network

Every generation of internet technology will acquire a certain amount of traffic depending on the quality of the network; better quality generates more network usage. With increased traffic comes further complications related to the effects on the performance, thus finding solutions to strengthen performance is imperative. This will always drive companies to search for ways […]