The AI-Powered Air Glass 3 Smart Glasses from Oppo  

Oppo has unveiled its new AI-powered Air Glass 3 smart glasses in MWC 2024, which are still in the experimental phase.

Oppo has unveiled its new AI-powered Air Glass 3 smart glasses in MWC 2024, which are still in the experimental phase for testing their features. 

The Chinese company has integrated revolutionary technologies into its experimental model that requires further testing to ensure their effectiveness and ability to provide them to the general users. 

This product was revealed during the MWC 2024 in Barcelona. The new generation of the glasses relies on AI, enabling users to interact with Oppo’s smart voice assistant, based on the company’s AndesGPT language model. 

Additionally, the Air Glass 3 smart glasses come with high-definition microphones to ensure that the user’s voice is clearly captured, when questioning, or requesting information from the smart voice assistant. 

It is also equipped with a new technology developed by Oppo, aimed at protecting the user’s privacy related to his listening content, such as music or other, as well as the phone calls. 

This new feature is called Reverse Sound Field. It ensures that sound waves from the glasses’ speakers do not spread, limiting the range of these waves directly around the user’s head. 

This experimental model weighs 50 grams, which is the maximum weight of traditional glasses for vision correction, making them comfortable to wear. 

More New Experiences 

The company tried to develop a display system inside the glasses, offering a brightness level of up to 1000 nits. It also provided an upgraded system to direct the optical waves of the content towards the user’s eyes to avoid the so-called Rainbow effect, which hinders the user from seeing the content displayed in front of their eyes, if light directly fall on the glasses, such as when using glasses under direct sunlight. 

Moreover, Oppo has raised the level of its experiences, enabling users to view photos, play music along with other features such as displaying health information about users, in addition to new features for instant language translation. 

On the other hand, the Chinese company has confirmed that the future of its glasses is mainly linked to its smartphones and will not be a substitute for them. Operating the new model will require the use of a smartphone from the company running on the ColorOS 13 interface. The new model will run and process the natural language AI model to analyze and process user queries and provide instant answers. 

Meanwhile, Oppo has not yet revealed the expected date for the commercial rollout of glasses. 

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