Students Generate Inappropriate Pictures of Classmates

A report at a School by the Beverly Hills Police Department last week was due to students generating AI fake nudes of their classmates.

A report at the California Vista Middle School by the Beverly Hills Police Department last week was due to students generating AI fake nudes of their classmates.

According to the schools administrators, students in middle school have used artificial intelligence to generate fake nude images of their classmates. This has shocked the community.

Officials last week in the school were made aware of the “AI-generated nude photos” and reported the incident to parents. In an interview with NBC news the superintendent disclosed that faces of students’ were superimposed onto other nude bodies. The information that was not given is how the school was able to detect that the images are AI generated. Could the students have generated them at school?

“It’s very scary, because people can’t feel safe to, you know, come to school,” a student mentioned to NBC Los Angeles. “They’re scared that people will show off, like, explicit photos.”

Michael Bregy, Beverly Hills Unified School District Superintendent stated in a letter to NBC News: “We strongly urge Congress as well as federal and state governments to take immediate and decisive action to protect our children from the potential dangers of unregulated AI technology,” Bregy wrote in his letter. “We call for the passing of legislation and enforcement of laws that not only punish perpetrators to deter future acts but also strictly regulate evolving AI technology to prevent misuse.”

Then certain actions must be taken to save the students mental wellbeing.

What Could Be Done?

The question is, what could be done? A lot of things could be done. Schools are not only in charge of their students’ education, but they’re also in charge of their student’s mental wellbeing.

One of the first things that could be done is the application of laws. California passed a law in 2020, that allows nonconsensual victims of AI fake nudes to sue the ones who generated the images.  What could be added is to sue the company that has fed its bots to generate such images as well.

Schools must be in charge of educating their students on how to safely use image generators. They should speak about this topic with students and teach them how harmful it could be for them and others when it is misused.

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