Forget the Tooth Fairy, gimme Pikachu!

Pokémon now lures children to sleep better

The game that has kept millions awake well into the early hours, is now an app that incentivizes a good night’s sleep. Pokémon, delivering sleepless nights since 1996, is now available in the form of Pokémon Sleep. This is how it works:

The app is available for your phone. Once downloaded and activated, you place your phone on your bed. As you sleep, it analyses your movements and sounds. Obviously, this analysis includes the facility to discern a state of wakefulness or sleep. The longer you sleep, the more Pokémon monsters you receive in the morning. And the more Pokémon characters you receive, the more fights you can have.

Apparently this is a good thing

“Pokémon Sleep provides another opportunity for anyone with a smart device to interact with Pokémon and provides an opportunity to look forward to waking up in the morning and also get lots of sleep.” A comment from Yuri Horie, product marketing manager at Pokémon, managing to squeeze the provision of not one but two opportunities into one provocative marketing statement.

We are indeed blessed.  

What started as a role playing video game which one played on a Nintendo Game Boy quickly became a runaway media franchise. Pokémon now comprises games, series, trading cards, films and enough merchandise to throw Barbie out onto the street at Hamley’s.

It also spawned a genuine media superstar called Pikachu, who is known equally to fans and non-fans alike throughout the world. Every time there was/is a new thing to be sold involving Pokéman, it was/is considered genuine news.

Well, you’re reading Exhibit A right now, about Pokémon Sleep.

So here we are. Now you can stand at the door of little Johnny’s bedroom and gaze with love as he sleeps soundly, peacefully. Knowing that when he wakes up, he can spend far more hours than is healthy staring too close-up to a video screen, watching violent activities.

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