OpenAI, Reddit Deal to Integrate Real-Time Content for AI Services 

OpenAI has signed Reddit deal, granting the social website access to real-time content through the company’s data API. 

OpenAI has signed Reddit deal, granting the social website access to real-time content through the company’s data Application Programming Interface (API). 

By doing so, OpenAI will now have permission to integrate Reddit’s discussions into its range of products and services, including ChatGPT. 

Along with the content access given to the AI company, Reddit can also leverage from this deal, as it aims to empower it with new AI-driven features that both users and moderators can use. 

OpenAI’s large language model will play a major role in the development of innovative applications specifically for the platform. The agreement, which assigns GPT’s parent to serve as an advertising partner for Reddit, expands the scope of the collaboration. 

As for Reddit users, they are well-known for their expressive opinions regarding the way the platform is managed by its executives. While this is the case, it is yet uncertain how they will react to this announcement. In June 2023, users on the platform were unable to express their opinion regarding the changes in the API pricing. 

The financial terms of this deal were not disclosed, but it highlighted the change in the platform’s strategy related to data sharing for AI training. 

It is worth mentioning that such a deal was previously concluded between Reddit and Google and was reportedly valued at $60 million. Meanwhile, there are differences between both deals since Google explicitly offered training data, while its rival did not mention such details. 

From his part, Steve Huffman, the CEO of Reddit, welcomed this partnership, underscoring the platform’s position as a substantial source of authentic human interactions. 

This deal aligns with the GPT company’s vision of a connected internet, enhancing content exploration and promoting community engagement on Reddit. 

Reddit has not always been friendly with companies that collect data for AI training. For instance, it threatened Google to block its access to the site. On the other hand, OpenAI has reportedly informed the moderators of the subreddit r/ChatGPT that they were violating the company’s copyright by using the ChatGPT logo as a display photo. 

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