Relax Peta, these are HOLOGRAPHIC Forest Animals

Axiom Holographics presents a first-of-its-kind zoo, a hologram zoo that showcases the whole animal kingdom from forest animals to deep sea creatures.

  • Over 50 holographic creatures, including forest animals, prehistoric dinosaurs, and an enormous 82-foot whale.
  • The hologram zoo employs cutting-edge holographic screen technology, allowing multiple visitors to share the immersive spectacle from their individual viewpoints.

Australia’s Axiom Holographics has stolen our breath away with its hologram zoo. This immersive attraction, the first of its kind, transports visitors to a captivating world where lifelike 3D animal images spring to life in remarkable detail.

Featuring over 50 holographic creatures, from forest animals and majestic elephants to prehistoric dinosaurs and an 82-foot whale, Axiom’s hologram zoo creates a virtual Noah’s Ark that astonishes spectators.

Unlike traditional zoos, this creation offers an immersive experience that takes visitors on captivating journeys through diverse natural landscapes. From the African savannah to the Arctic’s icy expanses, the hologram zoo’s adventures span time and geography. Attendees can witness the prehistoric world of dinosaurs and explore undersea environments with a deep-sea explorer’s sensation, making for awe-inspiring encounters.

The underlying technology employs cutting-edge holographic screen technology to provide an interactive and shared experience. Unlike isolating virtual reality headsets, Axiom’s setup lets multiple people share the spectacle simultaneously, each from their own viewpoint. The technology utilizes specially designed glasses that are position-tracked. Combined with the Unlimited Detail graphics engine, these glasses create distinct images for each eye, resulting in a captivating three-dimensional effect.

Enhancing the realism, the exhibit incorporates 4D effects like wind, temperature shifts, and even scents corresponding to the depicted environments, offering a truly immersive multi-sensory experience. Talk about a full package!

The expansive 16,000-square-foot hologram zoo encompasses two 65-foot tunnels with screens on three sides, alongside cozy 16-foot rooms with surrounding screens, fully enveloping attendees in a mind-bending experience.

“Hologram entertainment centers are a fantastic way to be teleported to places that you could not normally visit, and you can experience things you would normally never see,” says Axiom CEO Bruce Dell. “For example, I do not think people really know just how big a whale is, but when they see a giant life-sized whale swim past them at Hologram Zoo, they all seem to pause in reverent silence because it is something that they would normally never get the opportunity to see in real life. Our first Hologram Zoo is a test site to perfect the technology, we will then be opening hologram entertainment centers all over the world.”

The company plans to expand its hologram entertainment centers to various global locations, including Japan, Texas, and Europe, transforming entertainment, and redefining the boundaries of reality itself.

This venture marks the initial step in perfecting the technology before introducing these centers to a worldwide audience.

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