AI Could Replace Jobs and Create New Ones 

AI is reshaping the world, developing various industries by automating tasks, displacing some jobs, and creating new opportunities.

AI is reshaping the world, developing various industries by automating tasks, displacing some jobs, and creating new opportunities in the evolving job market. 

It is said that AI will replace many jobs starting with the most boring one, Data entry, which is likely to be the first to be automated, giving humans some free time to look for more meaningful jobs. By automating data entry, the processing of the data will be done more efficiently and accurately as humans in general are likely to commit errors.  

Humans Aren’t Needed. 

  • Telemarketing 

The telemarketing field is also at risk of being replaced by AI, as these systems can handle large volumes of calls, improve customer interactions, and reduce operational costs, leading to relying less on humans. Not to forget that recently many companies are developing customized chatbots, mainly for customer service. 

  • Hospitality 

The hospitality sector will not be able to skip the integration of AI, as these systems can now manage the process of reservations and cancelations easily. Moreover, with AI models providing live voice translation, there is no longer need for a human presence to assist tourists and customers in the procedure related to bookings. 

  • Entertainment 

Creative people, such as musicians, are also facing challenges with AI, because platforms will soon be able to compose music by taking inspiration from already existing pieces. AI can also generate soundtracks for films, keeping the creative human minds behind. 

Producers and directors can now with the help voice generator AI platforms create multiple voices with different accents and tone, thereby eliminating the role of voiceover artists which is making people question if its reshaping the world.

  • Media 

AI now cannot just check the spelling of a written content but can also help editors and writers generate full articles based on the prompt given, defining the style, the purpose, and the subject, while ensuring it is error free.  

This ability is needed in industries where the workload is huge and precision is critical, such as banking, insurance, and healthcare. In contrast, this is not for the good of writers because they are losing their own writing style, their identity. 

  • Web Development 

Website builders and graphic designers may also somehow lose their job or at some point their creativity as AI platforms enable users to create custom designs with simple prompts, especially with the amount of AI image generation platforms that have advanced capabilities. 

  • Transporation 

Transportation jobs are in danger, and this is due to the major advancement of autonomous vehicles, AI driven cars, as well as delivery robots, which could soon become a norm. 

  • Legality 

Accountants and paralegals, who deal with large volumes of data and paperwork, may feel that AI is taking over their roles, streamlining processes and reducing the need for human intervention. 

Creating New Opportunities 

Despite AI taking over most of the jobs on the market, this technology promises the potential to create new job opportunities, especially for those looking forward to adopting AI in their workflow.  

As businesses integrate AI, they will show a growing need for AI experts and consultants to guide them through the transition process. Hence, AI trainers will play a significant role in teaching employees how to effectively use the AI tools. Meanwhile, prompt engineers will ensure smooth communication between AI systems and humans. 

  • Psychology 

AI psychologists will be there to help employees understand the way AI works and why its reshaping the world. It is also worth mentioning that some AI platforms were created to help people express themselves and speak about their issues without being judged. 

  • Crisis Management 

The presence of AI crisis managers will be essential as they will be responsible for solving AI-related issues, and AI lawyers will handle the legal challenges of the AI systems. 

AI stress testers will assess the compatibility of AI tools with the technology used by the company to avoid any impact that may affect the workflow.  

  • Content Editors 

As for Image and video, auditors will ensure the accuracy of AI-generated content, while AI proofreaders will ensure the quality and consistency of AI-written documents. 

Between taking over some jobs and creating other new ones, it seems that AI reshaping the world and killing the human brain, because even with the AI jobs, humans are thinking less since most of these systems are based on algorithms. 

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