Why was Altman Ousted from OpenAI?

In the world of AI development, things tend to happen really quickly. Well, that’s the impression the media has created. This latest turn of events is no different. Sam Altman, the new kid in cyber town, has suddenly packed up his little cardboard box full of personals and snuck out the back door of Open AI. How significant is this to the outside world? Only time will tell.

But the wunderkind of the year who had the ears of governments on all sides of the compass is no longer the embodiment of tech good and evil. To researchers, marketers, school or college cheats, Hollywood executives  and a recently departed member of my staff, Sam Altman was the Angel Gabriel. To the creative industry, he was Beelzebub striding the earth like a colossus, smiting original thinking wherever he found it or just crushing it like ants beneath his boot.

Despite the polar opposites of opinion, both north and south have had one thing in common about AI, though. We’re all somewhat wary of where AI is going. And when one of the three highest profile AI representatives of the last 12 months (Elon and Mark being the other two, of course) is given the old heave-ho, it can’t help but add to tension and general jitteriness to a world already on edge.

The official word is that he lied to the board of Open AI. The company he founded.

The Good, the Bad and the Smugly Rich

Normally, when we hear of this kind of rupture in the space/time continuum of Big Business, we may indulge in a nanosecond of pity before the rank jealousy sets in. You know, like how many billions did this individual walk away with, the poor man or woman.

But this time it’s different. Now we’re all a bit scared for ourselves. What did Sam Altman lie to the board about? He’s hidden sentient AI from other board members? Supplying source codes to Kim Jong-Un?Using his company laptop for recreational purposes?

Whatever it is, hurry up and tell us! I, for one, would like to enjoy the rest of my weekend.

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