I’ll Be Back

Sam Altman Returns

In a post published just hours ago on X, OpenAI have announced that Sam Altman returns as CEO. The gang of four who threw him out are gone. And a new board will take the company forward.

It is understood that Netflix already has 6 scripts in contention and will be negotiating with Tom Cruise to take the role of the once ousted, now returned CEO. Insiders tell us that Tom is slightly concerned that he doesn’t look old enough to play Altman, despite the 24 year age gap that separates them.

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, Sam Altman returns with a new board. It comprises Bret Taylor as the Chairman, Altman as CEO, Larry Summers and Adam d’Angelo.

Bret is something of a luminary in Social Media circles. He was the Chief Technology Officer of Facebook and Chairman of Twitter before Musk’s arrival. He was also responsible for Google Maps. His most recent tenure was CEO of Salesforce. Salesforce is a remarkable outfit whose logo features on more screens, more of the time than even Aramco, whose logo was the most viewed last year because of their association with sport. Salesforce is a technology company which uses data to help brands and businesses understand their customers better. Maybe Bret can use that last bit to restore some reputation to Open AI. It’s lack of transparency in the last week was all too apparent.

Larry Summers’ involvement with the US Government stretches back to his position as Secretary of the Treasury with Bill Clinton’s White House and latterly Barack Obama’s Director of the National Economic. So it’s safe to assume he has his own key to the presidential bathroom. And he’s a Democrat, which I’m hoping means he isn’t going to advise the President to hand over the nuclear keys to AI.

Adam d’Angelo is the epitome of the new American Success Story. He’s nauseatingly young, was the Chief Technology Officer of Facebook and, get this, he started Quora. In my opinion Quora has become both the richest and poorest source of data about human behaviour depending on what you’re looking for, of course. It’s a gem to researchers.

So there you have it. A dream team so obvious in its structure that one wonders why it hasn’t existed already.

Or has it, my inner conspiracy theorist wonders.

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