Samsung Galaxy S22 Pre-orders in the UAE up 64%

BANGKOK THAILAND : Samsung launch The New Galaxy Samsung Galaxy S22 Series (S22,S22+,S22 Ultra) on February 10 ,2022 bangkok ,thailand

In a significant move, the pre-orders to get Samsung’s newest Galaxy S22 series in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have streamed 64 percent compared to its predecessor, with the Galaxy Note-like S22 Ultra controlling a sizeable allocation of need, according to Samsung Gulf Electronics. 

As such, the Middle East unit of the South Korean tech conglomerate said the “powerful” answer -, particularly for S22 Ultra, which had an 80 percent share of the pre-orders – represents the resumed demand for compensation effects in the region. 

The figures were published after Samsung Gulf said that pre-orders for the GCC were up 46 percent compared with the Galaxy S21.  

“When you look at smartphone users, they want a smartphone that can do it all — everything at their fingertips,” Osman Albora, senior director of Samsung Gulf’s mobile experience division, noted. 

“The integration of the S Pen in Galaxy S22 Ultra played well, which means that there is a robust need for the high end of the portfolio.”  

It is worth mentioning that the Note, which was released in 2011, revolutionized the way styluses were used on smartphones and additionally popularized the idea of the phablet – a portmanteau of tablet and phone.   

The first indication of its future uncertainty was during the February 2021 launch of the Galaxy S21, which offered S Pen support.  

On that same note, the Note’s “extinction” assumption grew when S Pen support was announced for the Galaxy Z Fold 3, which was launched last August. This event happened in parallel with the launch of Galaxy Flip 3, which replaced the Note on Samsung’s annual launch calendar.  

While internet reports of the Note’s demise are unsupported, numerous platforms used “suspended” to define the series’ status, Albora noted.  

On his part, Seong Hyun Lee, president of Samsung Gulf Electronics, restated the company’s dedication to the UAE and broader Middle East.  

The S22 Ultra became the first non-Note device to feature a built-in S Pen.  

“We always prioritize experiences, and the Note is an experience, which we kept in the S22 portfolio,” he said.  

The Galaxy S22 series is available across the UAE and starts at $870.  

Given that the company is changing strategically, it remains the world’s top mobile phone vendor, with shipments up 7.6 percent in 2021, according to a report from research firm Gartner this week.  

It maintained its top position with a 19 percent market share, selling more than 272.3 million smartphones last year.