Let’s Give CNN a Big Hand for this Choice.

CNN BUSINESS CEO of the Year Satya Nadella

He doesn’t act like a rampaging schizophrenic in the media.

He hasn’t climbed aboard his personal phallic symbol for an attention- seeking orbital joy ride.

And he has no intention of threatening to climb into a cage to exchange blows with above-mentioned schizophrenic.

But what Satya Nadella has done, is quietly increase Microsoft’s value by 55%, and taken the company share price to $377 with change, the highest it has ever been.

What he has also done is work behind the scenes to protect the image and value of Microsoft’s partner OpenAI when the owners were doing their best to destroy it.

The triumvirate of high profile tech titans, aka Musk, Bezos and Zuckerberg, have had their successes this year. Naturally, they’ve been the first to broadcast them. But they cannot compete with how Microsoft has risen from the reputation of “oh yes, aren’t they the Windows guys?” to the biggest investor in AI, and therefore the tech’s main driver. New commercial applications are being rolled out now. And the company is always at the front of regulations governance, too.

A Touch of Integrity in 2023

CNN BUSINESS should be applauded for their choice of CEO of the Year. The media tend to focus their attention on personalities who’ve dominated their landing pages and leading broadcast stories. By this token, any one of the unholy trinity mentioned above should have walked it. Even coverage concerning Trump’s business shenanigans could have got the Orange One the thumbs up. It’s not unheard of to nominate a CEO for all the worst reasons. But CNN BUSINESS, admittedly using as much subjectivity as objectivity, opted for a choice which counters the mistrust and hysteria which have been the hallmarks of AI this year.

So we applaud Satya Nadella for being this year’s antidote to the other larger than life players. But we also tip our caps to CNN for recognizing a leader of real substance, not dubious style.

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