Saudi’s Saline Water Conversion corporation breaks records for low energy usage


The KSA’s Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) was officially recognized by Guinness World Records for setting its record-setting reduction in energy consumption for water desalination to 2.271 kWh per cubic meter.

For the company this represents achieving a pioneer position in promoting environmental sustainability, and that “SWCC achieved this milestone by adopting innovative technologies that lower the use of power and cost of produced water in the desalination industry,” the company said in a statement.

“We are proud of this milestone achievement featured in Guinness World Records. In line with Vision 2030, the SWCC works to enable local talent in its current and future developmental projects; this initiative covered the full project life cycle utilizing pre-existing competencies and expertise to localize the desalination industry fully,” Abdullah Ibrahim Al-Abdulkareem, Saline Water Conversion Corporation Governor.

The technology used in the plants is reverse osmosis (RO), which is by SWCC standards and specifications that is uniquely re-engineered to develop supply chains and reduce operational costs while achieving positive financial returns as an outcome of reducing electricity consumption from reverse osmosis plants by to 2.271 kWh per cubic meter.

The new plants are seawater take systems powered by energy recovery techniques and equipped with high-efficiency pumps energy recovery device (ERD).

SWCC has invested heavily in its engineering and research expertise to expand design innovation and supply high-efficiency, low-energy, and more flexible desalination plants. Its recent efforts resulted in obtaining operational environmental licenses of the 3rd category and ISO 14001 Certificate for the environment.

The company said that it has implemented several projects and initiatives to showcase their commitment to minimizing environmental impact while reducing the cost of producing and transporting desalinated water.

SWCC also has significantly reduced gas emissions from its production systems in carbon dioxide by 22 percent of the total targeted reduction for the Kingdom until 2030.

Additionally, SWCC increased its production of desalinated water by 64 percent during the past three years after establishing, launching, and expanding the number of production systems on the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf coasts while applying the highest international standards in its operations in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 objectives.

SWCC also registered a unique advanced technical system that raises the brine solution’s concentration from 70 thousand to 150- 200 thousand parts per million. This technology, which won two patents, helps in preserving the environment as bromine is invested in battery manufacturing.

SWCC has a total of 32 desalination plants in 17 locations operated and managed by 10,340 employees with Saudization up to 96 percent and several desalination plants under construction with a total production capacity of up to 3.6 million cubic meters per day.

Water security is a key challenge for the country, which has invested heavily in seawater desalination, making the Kingdom the world’s largest producer of desalinated water.

According to Guinness World Records the SWCC figure was verified March 2021.