Science Fiction Technology to Science Fact

Aliens? Flying cars? Time travel? Transferring consciousness? All these science fiction concepts are closer to reality than you might think. Many thoughts cross my mind as I watch a science fiction movie. With all this technological development, the question has changed from “Will it happen? to “When is it going to happen? Many things that once seemed like science fiction technology in real life, such as flying cars, robots, and artificial intelligence, have become a reality in the twenty-first century. Let’s examine some of the science fiction films that have promoted the technology we have today. Then, let’s discover one technology that is currently being advertised in movies and is anticipated to become a reality in the future.

What was once Fiction?

How sci-fi has influenced technology? Science fiction movies have always been a source of inspiration for technological advancements. Many of the technologies we enjoy today were first advertised in these movies. From the use of smartphones and tablets to the rise of artificial intelligence. Continuously, science fiction movies have played a significant role in promoting and influencing the development of technology.

One of the most influential science fiction movies that advertised for technology we have today is “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” This television series was set in the 24th century and featured futuristic technologies such as handheld communicators, tablet computers, and virtual reality. The handheld communicator, which was used by the characters in the show, closely resembles the smartphone we use today. Similarly, the tablet computers featured in the show were like today’s tablets. The virtual reality technology featured in the show is also becoming a reality, with companies like Facebook and Google investing heavily in virtual reality technology.

The science fiction movie “Minority Report” also played a role in today’s advertising technology. This movie, which was released in 2002, featured advanced touchscreen technology and gesture-based interfaces. Today, we see similar touch screen and gesture-based technologies being used in smartphones, tablets, and computers. The movie also featured advanced virtual reality technology, becoming a reality today with the increasing popularity of virtual and augmented reality technologies.

Therefore, science fiction movies played a good role in advertising and implementing most technologies we use today. 

What once will become Reality?

Technologies that are being promoted in movies and is expected to soon become a reality in the future is the use of drones. Drones were first popularized in science fiction movies such as “Star Wars” and “The Matrix” and have since become a reality. Today, drones are used for various applications, including delivery, agriculture, and aerial photography. As technology advances, drones are expected to become even more versatile and capable of performing even more complex tasks. Therefore, the use of drones in science fiction movies have provided a glimpse into the future of technology. Additionally, drones are a technology that is being promoted in movies and expected to soon become a reality. As technology advances, we expect to see even more technologies advertised in science fiction movies that will eventually become a reality. 

Another science fiction movie that is advertised for the technology we will have in the future is “The Terminator.” This movie featured advanced robotics and artificial intelligence. In the movie, the robots were portrayed as capable of making decisions and carrying out tasks independently, like the advanced artificial intelligence systems we have today. The movie also featured advanced robotics, such as the T-800 robot, which closely resembles the robots we use today for manufacturing, assembly, and other industrial applications.

Final Thoughts

The power of the human mind is extensive. It has been demonstrated that any idea that enters the human mind can be implemented. Sci-fi technologies that scientists are actually working on has long served as a forum for future speculation. Authors and filmmakers applying their imagination to speculate on how society and technology might develop in the years to come. The majority of the modern technologies that we employ were once promoted in science fiction films. Many movies today feature science fiction themes that, if put into practice in real life, could be far too risky. For instance, most science fiction films have discussed the idea of time travel. The question is: Are some technologies kept secret because it’s unclear how they will affect people? 

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