alternative advertising platforms

Big Tech has been making headlines lately as governments all over the world are scrutinizing their business practices. In fact, Germany’s FCO found Apple to be “of paramount significance for competition across markets” earlier this month. But what does that mean for small and medium enterprises that use Big Tech’s platforms to advertise themselves, like […]

separate ads

Meta Platforms Inc said on Thursday it is now rolling out a long-promised system for advertisers to determine where their ads are shown, responding to their demands to distance their marketing from controversial posts on Facebook and Instagram. The system offers advertisers three risk levels they can select for their ad placements, with the most […]

digital marketing in the metaverse

How would you know a product exists if you don’t hear/read about it? Marketing and advertisement have been around since the beginning of trade. At first, people would purchase goods based on their word-of-mouth reputation. Today, however, all of that has transformed into a billion-dollar industry, and marketing and advertisements have become essential keys to […]

Aliens? Flying cars? Time travel? Transferring consciousness? All these science fiction concepts are closer to reality than you might think. Many thoughts cross my mind as I watch a science fiction movie. With all this technological development, the question has changed from “Will it happen? to “When is it going to happen? Many things that […]


The year is 2040, and cognitive cities have redefined urban life in the last decade. But that’s not all. People fell in love with the metaverse and its versatility and, once perfected, welcomed it into their homes and lives. The metaverse promises to enhance the futuristic utopia from virtual medical appointments to virtual World Cups. […]