Digital Marketing in the Metaverse: A Stroke of Genius

digital marketing in the metaverse

How would you know a product exists if you don’t hear/read about it? Marketing and advertisement have been around since the beginning of trade. At first, people would purchase goods based on their word-of-mouth reputation. Today, however, all of that has transformed into a billion-dollar industry, and marketing and advertisements have become essential keys to any company’s success. So, for your company to make sales and profits, you would first need to understand your target audience and how to reach it. Let’s talk about digital marketing in the metaverse!

The First Era: The Golden Age

It’s Thanksgiving 1950. You are walking down the street to an appointment, and you look up and see a billboard advertisement. But in your hurry, you only register an oddly shaped bottle and red. Then you are waiting to be seen. Bored, you pick up a magazine off the coffee table. And as you flip through its pages, something catches your eye. It’s that same bottle from this morning! It’s Coca-Cola! You end your day watching a thanksgiving special starring American ventriloquist Edgar Bergen and his sidekick Charlie McCarthy. What do you know?! Coca-Cola sponsors the show! The next day, you go out and try the drink you’ve been seeing everywhere for yourself!

The Second Era: Is This an Ad?

It’s 2016, and YouTube is thriving! Everyone is making content, and companies are sponsoring “nobodies” by sending them products to test, review, and post about it. The makeup industry is the main one to thrive. In fact, that year, it generated a global revenue of 220 billion USD, according to the estimates of French giant L’Oréal. All of this was thanks to the rise of internet figures with an audience of teens and young adults. Today, there are over a billion choices for foundation alone!

Now: The Third Era

The upcoming generation, generation Alpha (born 2013 – 2025), is the most tech-savvy yet. And companies are set to take full advantage of that. You don’t really expect a Baby Boomer or a millennial to know the metaverse down to its last pixel, do you now? And with this new audience and tech comes new ways to advertise and manufacture. Meta-retail gives you direct access to the manufacturer. Do you want pants that actually reach your ankle? All you’d need is to meta-connect with the manufacturer at their meta-store and put in your request. The manufacturer would then “survey” how many customers need it as well and get an accurate supply and demand study. By doing that, the company mass manufactures this item to the amount needed and makes it available. It would meet its exact demand without overproducing. And you get a good quality and a good fit item in the mail. This could reduce waste of production and slow down our mass reliance on fast fashion,

Final Thoughts

Digital marketing in the metaverse era could be groundbreaking as it targets a very niche, young, and untapped audience. And it could set up the upcoming generations for success in fixing what older generations have screwed up.

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