SkillAssure Discoveri: India’s tech retraining program now aids Philippines

SkillAssure Discoveri

Tech solutions providers Rabah Consultancy based in Manila, Philippines and Pratian Technologies, a company based in India, have teamed up to bring Pratian’s tech retraining program, Discoveri, to the Philippines.

Under SkillAssure, a business unit of Pratian Technologies, Dicoveri is a 5-day learning course that allows those who have lost their jobs amid the pandemic, to find new trade in software development.

The program is a 5-day online learning course and involves live lectures and discussions with tech veterans and leaders, and collaborative work. All remotely of course.

Upon completion of the Discoveri program, students can move on to the SkillAssure program that lasts three to five months. However, they must be willing to pay $2,000-$4,000 for enrolment.

The tech retraining program will students to pursue careers in the following fields:

Cybersecurity – Data analytics – Data Science – Artificial Intelligence – Cloud Computing – Big Data – Data Centre Management – Enterprise Stack – Blockchain – Augmented Reality – DevOps.

Before being accepted into the Discoveri program, all candidates must undergo a series of three assessments and interviews.

Students will receive a certificate of completion upon completing the program, boosting their resume. Select students who perform well will secure employment. High-performing candidates might even be eligible for the 3 month, fully sponsored startup innovation accelerator.

With the pandemic having triggered the world’s worst job crisis, countries need to facilitate workforce training to modernize and adapt to the rapidly changing digital landscape. Pratian’s tech retraining program and other initiatives, can help people develop new skills fit for a modern economy.