How Blockchain Technology is used against COVID-19

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology will not prevent the emergence of new viruses but will create the first line of protection through a network of connected devices. Blockchain-enabled platforms can help prevent these pandemics by enabling early detection of epidemics, fast-track drug trials, and impact management of outbreaks and treatment.

When it comes to healthcare, Blockchain technology is an integral component for building a transparent and efficient healthcare business model that achieves a higher degree of accuracy and trust.

We’re going to take a closer look at how Blockchain technologies can help in fighting the pandemic:

Tracking and Monitoring Infectious Outbreaks

Blockchain technology can be implemented in tracking public health data surveillance, especially the diseases that are infectious in nature such as COVID-19. As Blockchain transparency increases it will contribute to a more accurate reporting and response method. Furthermore, Blockchain technology has the ability of developing early treatments in such a swift way as they allow the rapid processing of data that in turn can enable early detection of symptoms before they spread.

Crisis management

Blockchain technology also has the ability to manage a crisis situation. It can instantly alert the public about the virus via the World Health Organization (WHO). Not only can Blockchain alert, but it also has the ability to provide governments with recommendations about how to contain the virus.

Ensuring medical supply chains

Blockchain platforms can be extremely useful for reviewing, revoking and tracking supplies as well as in the logistics of epidemic prevention. Blockchain technology can play a major role in streamlining the medical-supply chain and making sure that doctors and patients have access to these tools when they need them the most.