Create Your Own Music with Stable Audio Open 

Stability AI has released a new AI model, Stable Audio Open source, to create music and sounds. 

This new AI model can produce audio recordings of 47 seconds length, generated based on descriptions texts provided by users defining specific music they want to produce, such as “Rock beat played in a treated studio, session drumming on an acoustic kit.” 

According to the company, Stable Audio Open was developed with the use of approximately 486,000 samples from free music libraries like, FreeSound and Free Music Archive. 

Adaptable Sound Production 

Stability AI revealed its AI sound generator can be used to produce drumbeats, instrumental patterns, background noises, as well as production elements for various media, including videos, films, and TV shows. It can also edit already existing music, or add a style of one genre, such as jazz, to another music. 

In a blog post, the company stated, “A key benefit of this open source release is that users can fine-tune the model on their own custom audio data.”  

Limitations with Controversies 

Stability AI acknowledges that this sound generator has limitations, considering it does not have the capability to generate complete songs, melodies, or vocals, because it is not optimized to do so. Stability AI advises users seeking access to such features to subscribe to the premium service. 

The model is also restricted from commercial adoption, showing inconsistencies in different musical styles and cultures, and more specifically with the non-English ones, reflecting the partialities in the training data. 

Recently, the startup has faced a whiplash of controversy, including the recent resignation of its VP of generative audio, Ed Newton-Rex, who disagreed with the company’s strategy on training AI models with copyrighted works under “fair use.” The Stable Audio Open tool is likely an attempt to change this idea. 

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