3D printing

Advanced Manufacturing Program

Boeing Co and Northrop Grumman are joining a White House-backed compact to help smaller U.S.-based suppliers increase the use of 3D printing and other advanced manufacturing technologies. The voluntary program, unveiled by President Joe Biden in May, seeks to boost suppliers’ use of additive manufacturing (AM). Driven by 3D printing, the technology allows complex shapes […]

3D-Printed Alloy

A group of researchers have 3D printed a double stage, nanostructured high-entropy compound that surpasses the strength and flexibility of other cutting edge additively produced materials. This advancement could prompt better execution parts for applications in aviation, medication, energy, and transportation. The work was finished by specialists from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and the […]

3D print robots

Engineers from UCLA and their peers have created a novel design methodology that will allow manufacturers to 3D print robots in a single step, with their creations having movement and jumping abilities. Robots are normally constructed via a series of intricate manufacturing stages that include limbs, electronics, and active components. As a result of the […]

3D-Printed Ear Implant

Regenerative medicine business behind the first 3D printed ear implant, 3DBio Therapeutics, said today in a news release that doctors successfully transplanted a 3D-printed ear derived from human cells onto a woman born with a congenital ear malformation. The transplant was part of the technology’s first clinical study, and its success is a significant step […]