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Everyone knows what AI, crystal clear. But do you know what's the difference between general AI VS narrow AI? Let's find out.

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Google has become a major player in integrating AI and automation in healthcare with its AI-powered solutions.

food delivery robots, nice things, vandalism

LA residents demonstrate why humans don’t deserve nice things. Because they break them and we have to them away!

US Robot Factory

ABB is expanding its main US robot factory as its customers there in the automotive, packaging and machinery industries confront a tight labour market as they bring production back home. The Swiss engineering company, which competes with Japan’s FANUC and Germany’s Kuka, is spending $20 million boosting capacity at its Auburn Hills site in Michigan […]

IoT Tech Expo

Santa Clara, California, February 20, 2023 IoT enthusiasts and senior professionals from all around the world will gather at the iconic Levi’s Stadium for an exclusive networking event during the upcoming IoT Tech Expo North America. NETWORKIKNG PARTY DETAILS The party will take place on the evening of the 17th May, following the first day […]

Imagine a world where networks are sentient, self-healing, and self-optimizing. Where traffic flows seamlessly, and security threats are a thing of the past. This reality is the future of networking with AI, and it’s an exciting one. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making waves in various industries, and the networking world is no exception. With […]

Cloud-based IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is everywhere, from microchipped pets and cattle to continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices. But these, at times, lifesaving innovations were only possible with the ever-exciting cloud computing technology. Cloud computing has now become the basis of providing shared computing resources, such as applications, computing, storage, networking, development, and more, through […]

Telecom expenses

The battle to find new ways to cut costs and generate extra income is intensifyin in the fiercely competitive and high-stakes field of telecommunications. Since operators want to grow and gain a competitive edge, cost optimization models for telecom expenses in the telecom sector are a hot topic. A fundamental shift in organizational culture is […]