Imagine a world where networks are sentient, self-healing, and self-optimizing. Where traffic flows seamlessly, and security threats are a thing of the past. This reality is the future of networking with AI, and it’s an exciting one. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making waves in various industries, and the networking world is no exception. With […]

Cloud-based IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is everywhere, from microchipped pets and cattle to continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices. But these, at times, lifesaving innovations were only possible with the ever-exciting cloud computing technology. Cloud computing has now become the basis of providing shared computing resources, such as applications, computing, storage, networking, development, and more, through […]

Telecom expenses

The battle to find new ways to cut costs and generate extra income is intensifyin in the fiercely competitive and high-stakes field of telecommunications. Since operators want to grow and gain a competitive edge, cost optimization models for telecom expenses in the telecom sector are a hot topic. A fundamental shift in organizational culture is […]

China Mobile and Huawei

At the Global Telecom Awards (GLOTEL Awards) ceremony held in London, United Kingdom on 1 December 2022, China Mobile, China Mobile Zhejiang, and Huawei won the “Automation Initiative of the Year” award for their innovation and practice in autonomous core networks. This is a remarkable achievement for China Mobile Zhejiang being the first operator in […]

Cashier-Less Tech Inc hopes to interest a wider range of industries in the technology it developed for cashier-less checkout at brick-and-mortar shops, a vice president said. In recent years, the e-commerce company has opened stores without cashiers in which cameras and sensors determine what shoppers take and bill them after they exit. Since 2020, it has […]

Robots in Cost Inflation Fight

At a vast warehouse in the southern Dutch city of Roosendaal, automated cranes and driverless vehicles silently stack clothes for the French and Italian stores of retailer Primark, reducing the need for hard-to-come-by labour. With goods packed more densely up to its roof, the new warehouse, which spans the size of over 15 football fields, […]

future factories

Our factories are not what they once were. Modern and future factories are and will be filled with unmanned vehicles, IoT sensors for supply chain management, industrial augmented reality, and more. Every stage of the production process is being impacted by technology, from sophisticated robots in factories to computer vision in warehouses.  The future factory […]

Robotics in Telecom Industries

The demand for telecom services is at an all-time high. Such high demand is powered by the Internet of Things(IoT), 5G networking, and edge computing. The burning demand presents substantial revenue potential for communications service providers(CSPs). Yet with such prospects comes risk. The massive influx of users generates immense amounts of data. Telecom companies realized […]