Humans vs. Machines: The Fight to Copyright AI Art

 Last year, Kris Kashtanova typed instructions for a graphic novel into a new artificial-intelligence program and touched off a high-stakes debate over who created the artwork: a human or an algorithm. “Zendaya leaving gates of Central Park,” Kashtanova entered into Midjourney, an AI program similar to ChatGPT that produces dazzling illustrations from written prompts. “Sci-fi […]

White House to Midsized Banks: Boost Liquidity, Capital, Testing

The White House on Thursday issued a plan officials say would substantially reduce the risk of another crisis in the banking industry, after U.S. banks failed and a Swiss lender needed a government rescue earlier this month. The plan, which can be accomplished by regulators with their existing powers, mostly would put stricter requirements on […]

Robinhood Backs Down Over Signature Bank Bets - Ft

Robinhood Inc made an exception to its short position ban for clients who had winning ‘puts’ against failed lender Signature Bank, the Financial Times reported on Thursday. Put options are contracts that give a buyer the right, but no obligation, to sell shares in future. Shares of New York-based Signature have shed nearly 37% in […]

Marketmind: Brittle Banks Find a Berth

A look at the day ahead in U.S. and global markets from Mike Dolan The final week of a turbulent month and volatile quarter for world markets has kicked off with relative stability in the battered banking sector at the heart of the latest upheaval. Two developments on the U.S. side of the banking disturbance […]