Cellular Connectivity

5G Era

As consumer demand rises, and network availability expands, 5G is becoming more viable for widespread use — by 2027 it’s expected to cover 75 per cent of the world’s population. However, it’s still no secret that 5G uptake is dawdling and many enterprises still aren’t enjoying its benefits. Here, Hamish White, CEO and founder of […]

Greece Saudi Fiber

Greece and Saudi Arabia agreed on Tuesday on the main terms to set up a joint venture to lay a fibre optic data cable that will link Europe with Asia, Greek sources said on Tuesday. The “East to Med data Corridor”, an undersea and land data cable, will be developed by MENA HUB, owned by […]

Quectel Wireless Solutions has published a new whitepaper explaining how Wi-Fi 6 is maturing into a new role that is complementary to LTE-M and 5G connectivity. With applications across indoor applications such as stadiums, large venues, offices, and hotels, Wi-Fi 6 is also being used outdoors in the automotive industry to enable applications including monitoring, […]