Clean Energy

Biden Opens up the Taps for Clean Energy

In either a blitzkrieg of sustainability guilt or laying the foundation of a political legacy prior to next year’s elections, the White House has ramped up its clean energy plans.   Firstly, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), of which clean energy is a central pillar, has claimed its first, err, victim. Namely, Europe. Norwegian manufacturer […]

Mine Waste Finds New Life as Source of Rare Earths

Sweden, South Africa and Australia are at the forefront of a push to transform piles of mine waste and by-products into rare earths vital for the green energy revolution, hoping to substantially cut dependence on Chinese supply. Prices of the minerals used in products from electric cars to wind turbines have been strong, and a […]

French Privacy Watchdog Investigating Complaints About ChatGPT

France’s privacy watchdog CNIL said on Tuesday it was investigating several complaints about ChatGPT after the chatbox was temporarily banned in Italy over a suspected breach of privacy rules. “The CNIL has received several complaints about ChatGPT and is investigating them,” the watchdog said by email in response to a Reuters query. (Reuters) Inside Telecom […]

Ferrari Partners With Samsung to Develop In-Car Displays

Italian supercar maker Ferrari said on Tuesday it had signed a deal with Samsung Display to use its organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display panels in future car models. The South Korean company will develop “bespoke OLED technology display solutions” for the next generation of Ferraris, Chief Executive Benedetto Vigna said in a statement. The heads […]

Us Proposes to Slash EV Mileage Ratings to Meet Fuel Economy Rules

 The U.S. Energy Department (DOE) on Monday proposed reducing electric vehicles’ (EV) mileage ratings to meet government fuel economy requirements, a move that could force automakers to sell more low-emissions cars or improve conventional models.  DOE wants to significantly revise how it calculates the petroleum-equivalent fuel economy rating for electric and plug-in electric hybrids for […]

Buffett Says Geopolitics a Factor in Berkshire Sale of Tsmc Stake

Warren Buffett called geopolitical tensions “a consideration” in Berkshire Hathaway Inc’s decision to sell most of its stake in Taiwanese chipmaker TSMC just a few months after buying it, Nikkei reported on Tuesday. Berkshire had bought more than $4.1 billion of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co’s shares between July and September 2022, but in February said […]

U.S House Committee Chair ‘Concerned’ by Tesla Deals in China

The leader of a U.S. congressional committee on China said on Monday he was concerned about electric carmaker Tesla Inc’s dependency on China, a day after the company revealed plans to open a Megapack battery factory in Shanghai. Tesla announced the factory in a tweet on Sunday, and Chinese state media said it would initially […]