Why Should I Take Up a Real Estate Finance Course?

Real estate finance can be a daunting field to break into. The complexity of the industry, combined with the fact that most real estate transactions require some financing, means that those wishing to become successful in the sector need to have a thorough understanding of loan processes and regulations. Though traditional education routes are available […]

Ensuring Data-Centric Security in a Dynamic Cyber Environment

Just imagine that you can no longer access your email or use the internet; this is a small glimpse of the cyber-attacks that telecoms are facing nowadays. The continuous involvement of technology in our daily lives makes distributed denial services (DDoS) attacks something forcibly enacted. No one is immune to the security threats which raised […]

The Increasing Challenges of Cybersecurity

While technology is helping organizations optimize their operations through various innovative means, the number of cybersecurity threats companies must deal with has grown. Who hasn’t heard about ransomware, phishing attacks, malware attacks, and such? More importantly, who hasn’t asked the question, what are the challenges in cybersecurity realms? The only thing more valuable than information […]