Big Tech and AI

In light of Microsoft’s recent expensive investment in OpenAI after their generative artificial intelligence (AI) ChatGPT went viral, everyone is wondering how the game has changed since Big Tech giants set the rules for the rest of us. OpenAI is a startup company specializing in artificial intelligence research to promote and develop friendly AI to […]

OnlyFans Piracy

Based in the U.K, OnlyFans is an internet content subscription service launched in 2016. It has the same premises as Patreon but with fewer restrictions. While Patreon only allows art nudity without touching oneself or others, OnlyFans is lenient with an everything-goes mentality within reason. Subsequently, the service has been used chiefly by sex workers […]

Jasper AI Art

As modern as the artificial intelligence art generator sounds, the concept began in the 1960s. Harold Cohen developed AARON in the era of “Good Old-Fashioned Artificial Intelligence” (GOFAI) programming. It used a symbolic rule-based approach to generate technical images. Today, Jasper AI Art is one of its more successful successors. It automatically creates images based […]