Innovation & Security

The telco industry is developing rapidly. For example, key topics that the TM Forum has identified and discussed for 2022 are end-to-end orchestrated flows for 5G; MEC and mobile private networks; and the telecommunications provider as platform operator. Even this excerpt from the list of current trend topics makes it clear that technology plays a […]

5G, bundling offers, personalization – CSPs have to keep developing constantly in order to achieve long-term success. But how can they succeed in keeping an eye on the overall goal with so much innovation and change in completely divergent areas of digital marketing and sales? Or perhaps the question should be “How can they even […]

“The customer is king” – this claim is anything but new in the telco industry, but now it is fortified by the amendment of the telecommunications act (TKG). In force since December 1, 2021, the update of the TKG especially grants customers additional rights with regard to termination periods, reimbursements, and transparency. Meanwhile, a new paradigm can […]