Beware! The Dark Side of AI: Protecting Yourself from AI Scams 

AI has revolutionized technology, but its darker side reveals vulnerabilities. Scammers exploit AI, posing risks to individuals. As technology advances, we must address these challenges to protect against AI-driven scams.  The Rise of AI Scams:  The proliferation of AI-powered scams serves as a sobering reminder that while AI offers immense benefits, it also poses risks […]

Polish Mayor Targeted by Pegasus Spyware - Media

An opposition-linked Polish mayor had his phone hacked using Pegasus spyware, Gazeta Wyborcza daily reported on Friday, amid allegations that the country’s special services have used the technology against government opponents. Reports in 2021 by the Associated Press that the software, developed by Israel-based NSO Group was used to hack the phones of government critics, […]

Crypto Crime Hits Record $20 Billion in 2022, Report Says

Illicit use of cryptocurrencies hit a record $20.1 billion last year as transactions involving companies targeted by U.S. sanctions skyrocketed, data from blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis showed on Thursday. The cryptocurrency market floundered in 2022, as risk appetite diminished and various crypto firms collapsed. Investors were left with large losses and regulators stepped up calls […]

Cybersecurity During the Fifa World Cup 2022

With billions of worldwide Fifa World Cup viewers, it is a gold mine for hackers and malicious actors to exploit. Football fans aren’t the only ones tuned in to see some of the world’s top players fight for the title of 2022 champions. These eye-catching events also pique the interest of cyber threat actors with […]

How to Defeat Modern Phishing Attacks

Modern web-based threats are rapidly evolving, becoming more sophisticated and highly evasive to security measures. There is an increase in successful web-based attacks, and one of the most common types is phishing attacks, so it pays to know how to defeat modern phishing attacks. We are seeing a large increase in both known and unknown […]

Avoiding Growing Cybercrime Risks for People and Companies

If you’re breathing right now, you are on the internet. You will likely still be on the internet if you are still breathing after the 3-minute read. If you wouldn’t go hiking without a map or sailing without a compass, then you shouldn’t surf the internet without at least a minimal understanding of the threats lurking […]