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Zoom Deals in India: Rural and Remote Inclusion 

The recent acquisition of Five9 by Zoom has created a significant buzz in the Indian workforce, particularly in remote and rural areas. The deal is expected to drive the inclusion of these areas in the workforce by increasing opportunities for remote work.  Understanding the Zoom Deal  One of the primary advantages of remote work is […]

The Burning Need to Update Telecommunications and Network Security

When it comes to cybersecurity, telcos are faced with a wide range of diversity and complexity, including distributed and cloud RAN, Edge and Cloud Core, enterprise and subscriber devices, gateways, hubs, set-top boxes, multi-capacity routers, switches, base transceiver stations, femtocells, and 5G edge gateways. Hacker groups, APT groups and clusters, and malware creators frequently target […]

Telcos Urgent Need for an Enterprise Firewall

Cyberattacks’ volume and sophistication level have continuously increased over the last few years. A more comprehensive portion of the economy is now potentially a target due to the digitalization of business. The Covid-19 pandemic caused more people to work from home, catalyzing the process. The attack surface is expanding as the number of connected devices […]

Equilibrium of Bank Security and Clients Needs

Over recent years, many events have led data privacy to become a priority topic to discuss. Data security has become a significant concern in the financial sector, especially with the dynamic client needs. Banks, by nature, manage extremely sensitive customer data at massive volumes. Any data breach can prove fatal to a bank’s reputation and […]

How Cyber Security Experts can Make Dark Web Threat Intelligence

Where there is dark web activity, there can also be a gold mine for dark web threat intelligence. For good cause, the phrase “dark web” has been used in relation to illicit and nefarious online activity including the sale of illegal goods, including narcotics, firearms, and other items. There are countless illegal transactions and activities […]

Use of Cybersecurity in Telecom Industries

One of the main elements that ensure interconnectivity in the world is the telecom industry and the permanent telecommunications solutions given by knights of such industry. The telecommunications sector guarantees an intertwining between private communications and business interactions, making it an integral element of everyone’s day-to-day activities, be it through our smartphone and their connection […]