Deep Learning

Quantum Computing Technology: The Dark Side

Quantum computing technology is truly a masterpiece although it is not yet mature. I’ve already sung its praise: the benefits it brings to the table, the advantage it gives the telecom industry, and the radical revolution it will incite in the medical field. But it’s time to bring the expectations back to earth as there […]

ChatGPT in the Metaverse: Better Call the Exterminator

Living in the digital era means living life with the expectation that someday the other shoe will drop, and we are in for a ride. Since the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, AI-based chatbots have taken the world by storm, effectively dividing the population between those who believe it will revolutionize every sector and those who […]

Lung Cancer Warning System: The First of Its Kind

Recently, AI-related headlines have been mainly along the lines of how the technology will steal our jobs and make our lives difficult. And not to play the devil’s advocate, but aren’t we missing the bigger picture here? Artificial intelligence is much more than what mainstream media is having you believe. In fact, it could be […]

Deep Learning in Telecom: Parting the Sea of Data

91.53 percent of the world population own a phone, including smart and feature phones. As a result, the amount of generated data is mindboggling, close to 2.5 quintillion bytes per day. And this number is set to skyrocket further in 2023 with the rise of IoT. As such, telcos will need a helping hand to […]

The Future of Machine Learning and Quantum Computing

Since the rise of the fourth industrial revolution, digital innovation acted as one of the main pillars for global evolution, the future of machine learning with various tech companies adopting algorithm-based artificial intelligence (AI) will heighten the industry’s universal value. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are both associated as they are the most adopted technologies to […]