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Cryptoverse: Buoyant Bitcoin's Losing Its Liquidity

Bullish bitcoin has been a surprise winner of the banking blowout. Yet investors aiming to amp up their bets face an ominous obstacle: a lack of liquidity that could trigger wild price swings. The price of the No.1 cryptocurrency has jumped 40% to around $27,700 since March 10, when the failure of Silicon Valley Bank […]

Cryptoverse: Hooked on Growth, Bitcoin Investors Turn to Smart Tokens

For investors living on the digital edge, bitcoin is starting to look a little old-fashioned. Hooked on high growth, some are turning away from the original cryptocurrency – designed as an alternative to regular cash – in favor of its descendants created as native tokens of blockchain platforms that host smart contracts and apps. MarketVector’s […]

The World This Week

1. Lithium Price Slide Deepens as China Battery Giant Bets on Cheaper Inputs By now, it is out in the open that the COVID-19 pandemic played a remarkable role in hastening the global reliance on lithium for EV batteries as the world pushes to reduce carbon emissions as it marches on a path towards an […]

We Can All Gain a Lot from the Digital World

We can all gain a lot from the digital world. It offers platforms that let us communicate and work together. It creates an opportunity for learning about new, significant topics and fosters innovation in previously unthinkable ways. Getting everyone online and bridging the digital divide calls for a multifaceted strategy. More is needed to offer […]

Iran Makes First Import Order Using Cryptocurrency - Report

Iran made its official first import order using cryptocurrency this week, the semi-official Tasnim agency reported on Tuesday, a move that could enable the Islamic Republic to circumvent U.S. sanctions that have crippled the economy. The import order using cryptocurrency, worth $10 million, was a first step towards allowing the country to trade through digital […]