Edge Computing

The digital world has been witnessing intermittent events that change how we interact, access information, complete our daily activities, and basically live our daily life beyond our physical connections. Probably the first prominent introduction was the Internet and the world wide web in the nineties. The next awaited event is the advent of the Metaverse, […]

Is holographic communication possible? It is certainly coming closer to reality. What has been pictured in movies will soon be enabled by advances in technology, in particular computing, processing and communication. Ericsson, of the main companies working on this technology defines holographic communication as “real-time capturing, encoding, transporting and rendering of 3D representations, anchored in […]

The recent coronavirus pandemic has been a big challenge for different sectors worldwide. The health industry has been put to the limelight due the large number of casualties and the inability of healthcare systems to ramp up their resources to face the rapidly escalating situation. In the background, the pandemic tested the readiness of various […]

Edge Computing and Intelligence

Data-driven applications and use cases have literally exploded in numbers in the last decade. Business and data analytics, artificial intelligence, internet of things, machine-to-machine applications, augmented and virtual reality, medical diagnostics, are just some examples among many more. This type of services has been increasingly relying on the availability of proper computational resources and software […]