Ahmad El Hajj

PhD holder with over 10 years of experience in wireless communication systems, e-health informatics, and computer networks and a passion to investigate and educate people recent topics in artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and biomimetics.

Byroots.com – Branching Lebanese Roots to the World

When a country suffers from its worst ever economic crisis, initiatives pour in to bring it out of the brinks of total collapse. Financial assistance, humanitarian aid, and increasing solidarity within the community are typical avenues to alleviate the significant sequels of the crisis. As Lebanon has been going through its darkest years, with an […]

Microsoft – Activision Blizzard Deal Faces Antitrust Probe in the UK

Mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships have been lately considerably increasing in numbers. The notably fast evolution in technology has pushed big technology companies (techcos) and most recently telecom companies (telcos) to look for avenues to spearhead the competition into adopting emerging concepts and practices. The scale of such events and the significantly large amounts spent in […]

Japan May Force Big Tech Companies to Disclose Their Algorithms

Big tech companies such as Meta (Facebook), Google, Amazon, Twitter, and others have always tried to keep their algorithms close to their hearts. At the end of the day, these long stretches of code are main contributors to the company’s revenue streams. Whether it is in marketing, advertisement selection, recommendation, search optimization, or other functionalities, […]

How to Check a Suspicious Link Without Opening it?

We are all well aware of the troubles opening a fishy link can lead us to.  Luring users to click on a given link has been of one the well-known techniques to get access to the device, install virus and malware or even go as far as creating a full ransomware attack. To protect your […]

The Industrial Metaverse and Digital Twins

Since Facebook announced it is rebranding to Meta, the long-forgotten concept of the Metaverse, which first appeared in 1992 in the novel “Snow Crash”, has suddenly become the talk of the town. The concept of the Metaverse is fascinating to say the least, for all the good and bad reasons. It is no longer a […]

Why the United Kingdom Hates Huawei?

The telecommunications industry is not immune from the political tensions and the war of attrition that has been reigning between China and the USA and other European countries for some time now.  The emergence of Chinese vendor and original equipment manufacturer Huawei as a serious competitor to other vendors and manufacturers has been a notable […]

LiveMetric’s LiveOne: A Bliss for Hypertension Patients

Wearable technology has become an essential component of our daily life, especially for chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. Driven by advances in communications and computing and improved sensor accuracy, smartwatches have become real diagnostic tools capable of measuring vital signs while providing insights into our medical conditions. Efficiently measuring blood pressure with clinically […]

Germany’s New Steel Thermos Tower and the Ukrainian-Russian War

The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has been devastating in the battlefield, but with its repercussions escaping the borders of the conflicting countries to impact every other country in the world. Ukrainian wheat, Russian oil and gas have been causing severe problems for countries who rely on imports to satisfy their needs. The ban […]

China Welcomes a Fourth 5G Telecom Provider

China is one of the largest countries around the world. Together with India, it accounts for about one third of the world’s population and two thirds of Asia’s population. The country has been enjoying steady economic growth with a gross domestic product (GDP) increase of about 10 percent each year according the World Bank. However, […]

Why Self-Driving Cars are Still Unsafe?

Car production has been moving from petrol-based cars to electric vehicles with the main aim of fighting climate change by reducing CO2 emissions. The autopilot feature by Tesla in 2014 has been a notable improvement in advanced driver assistance systems taking the autonomy in cars to level 2 on the self-driving car scale out of […]