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The EU is not happy with Apple’s “carbon neutral” claims and has set its sights on a corporate marketing tactic: greenwashing.

UK EV Industry in Trouble Despite a sense of overwhelming fear that China will dominate the European EV market, EU Commissioner Thierry Breton insists there will be no relaxation of tariffs on EV exports between the UK and EU. “That’s a hard non” He said, with an expression suggesting the question was accompanied by some […]

Sacre bleu! The French have all but banned the iPhone 12 because the radiation it, um, radiates is an intolerable .7 watts over the EU standard of 4 watts. Electromagnetic radiation is measured in wattage absorbed by every kilogram of human. Anyway, 4.7 watts is the amount of radiation absorbed by the body when using […]

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The EU announced an initiative granting AI startups access to its high-performance computers for model training.

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WhatsApp, owned by Meta, is now required to introduce cross-platform messaging functionality in Europe under the EU’s Digital Markets Act.

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On Tuesday, September 6, the EU DMA dropped a bombshell on Big Tech, christening Big Tech as "gatekeepers" under its Digital Markets Act.

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Seeking to ensure its monetary sovereignty, the EU appointed Stefan Berger to lead the development of legislation for its digital euro.

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On August 25th, the EU Digital Services Act (DSA) will usher in its first phase, mandating content monitoring for tech giants.