U.S. FCC Adds Russia's Kaspersky, China Telecom Firms to National Security Threat List

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Friday added Russia’s AO Kaspersky Lab, China Telecom (Americas) Corp and China Mobile International USA to its list of communications equipment and service providers deemed threats to U.S. national security. The regulator last year designated five Chinese companies including Huawei Technologies Co and ZTE Corp as the first firms […]

Beijing Slams FCC’s Decision to Delist China Unicom

Following Washington’s decision to ban China Unicom from providing service in the U.S., Beijing has condemned the move as baseless, vowing to protect its operations’ “legitimate rights and interests” in the U.S. market. The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) made a bold move to revoke the Chinese-backed telco’s license, prohibiting it from delivering further services […]

U.S. Congress seeks FCC guidance for data protection

Lawful presence takes over as lawmakers assembled on Wednesday to conduct a series of data privacy hearings in an attempt to bolster data protection protocols against social networking platforms. The Senate Commerce Committee’s intentions to address the development of an additional privacy bureau at the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) will set new scales for extensive […]

FCC’s $1.9 billion program to slay Chinese clout on U.S. turf

In a move to fortify national security, the U.S. Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) finalized Monday its latest draft of a $1.9 billion program to endorse domestic and modest telecom carriers at the expense of extracting Huawei and ZTE’s Chinese influence in the American market. As the East and the West indulge in their personal vendettas, […]