Financial Inclusion

Open Banking Financial Inclusion

One of the world’s most widespread problems lies within the boundaries of one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to reduce inequalities, namely SDG 10. Financial exclusion’s transformation to become a goal birthed new equalities of opportunities and availabilities to access financial services, or as more commonly known, financial inclusion. The endless opportunities brought […]


“MyMonty is a life project. Building a bank is a very complex endeavor. It will become the flagship of the Monty Finance brand. This means added responsibility while focusing on the team’s passion and accepting challenges wholeheartedly,” Cesar Jabr, Deputy CEO, Monty Holding What is MyMonty’s scope of activity? The financial company’s sole focus is […]

Digital Financial Services in Developing Countries

The digital era has expanded its limitations of deliverance to reach financial services. The World Bank is implementing a strategy to enlarge the adoption of digital financial services in developing countries to answer poverty and suffering economies. The integration of technology and finance (Fintech) in countries where an economy based on traditional services is suffering […]