Samsung MENA

Dubai, UAE, 24 November 2022: In celebration of the much-anticipated football season, Samsung is set to give the MENA region its first-ever Roblox Space Cup tournament in December. Samsung released Space Tycoon, a virtual playground built inside the global Metaverse platform Roblox earlier this year, targeting primarily Gen Z customers to create, play games and share […]

Technology in Football

Those who aren’t big fans of football, or soccer, if you come from the US, will be surprised to know how much technology in football there is. No, the players aren’t going to be wearing mech suits anytime soon, although that might make things even more interesting, for the longest time, football organizers have been […]

Semi-automated offside technology will be used at this year’s World Cup, promising decisions that are more accurate and a lot quicker, world soccer’s governing body FIFA said on Friday. In what can be considered an extraordinary development in the officiating of the game, technology will be able to resolve contentious offside calls with a speed […]