Just as one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. The waste from one production stream can be transformed into a valuable resource for another, resulting in a society that produces no waste. Geothermal energy is an abundant and sustainable source of energy that is often overlooked in favor of more popular renewable energy sources such […]

Xi and Putin Meet

Chinese President Xi Jinping met his “dear friend” Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Monday, seeking both to deepen economic ties with an ally he sees as a useful counterweight to the West and to promote Beijing’s role as a potential peacemaker in Ukraine. Xi was the first leader to meet the Russian president since the […]

The Russia-Ukraine war has been a hot topic in international politics for over seven years now. While many view the conflict as a geopolitical battle between two neighboring countries, others speculate that the war may have a deeper economic purpose. Let’s talk about the potential economic motivations behind the war, and how it has impacted […]

Financial Watchdog

China will set up a financial watchdog run by the Communist Party, state media reported on Thursday, as part of a broad reorganisation of governing bodies set to give the ruling party direct control and supervision over financial affairs. The creation of the Central Financial Commission will see the dissolution of the state-run Financial Stability […]

New Russian Economy

President Vladimir Putin on Thursday called on Russia’s billionaires and business elite to invest in new technology, production facilities and enterprises to help Russia overcome what he said were Western attempts to destroy its economy. Putin said Russia had so far defied those Western attempts, and that Western firms that had decided to stay in […]

The world order is rapidly changing, and it seems that China is making a bid for global dominance through its ambitious infrastructure development program, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). As China invests billions of dollars in infrastructure projects in more than 100 countries, including some of the world’s poorest and least developed nations, the […]

The United States, Australia and Britain unveiled details of a plan to provide Australia with nuclear-powered attack submarines from the early 2030s to counter China’s ambitions in the Indo-Pacific. Addressing a ceremony at the U.S. naval base on Monday in San Diego, accompanied by Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, […]

Saudi Aramco Reports Record Profit

Saudi Arabian oil giant Aramco on Sunday reported a record annual net profit of $161.1 billion for 2022, up 46% from the previous year on higher energy prices, increased volumes sold and improved margins for refined products. The profits, which are around triple that of Exxon’s $56 billion, follow similar reports in February from international […]