Identity Theft

Blockchain and the Growth of Digital Identity

The Internet is a part of our identity. Technological developments in the digital sphere have transformed every aspect of our lives, including shopping, working together with colleagues, staying in contact with friends, entertainment, and money management. Since the inception of the Internet, identity management has been a major issue, with billions of dollars being spent […]

Blockchain Is No Longer a Suggestion

The telecom sector is renowned for constantly evolving. Fixed landlines were the essential Telco product in the early days of the industry. But with the introduction of the mobile phone, this changed to mobile subscriptions and the enormous cash cow that is SMS. Thanks to Blockchain. The telecom industry has a lot of potentials to […]

Fintech Telecoms: Making Fintech Safer for You

In the digital age, telcos have become the natural partner of many industries, including the metaverse. Our interest in this article lies in the fintech sector. In a previous article, we stated why telecom companies are attractive to the fintech industries. Through such a partnership, these two industries hope to expand their services to the […]