Information Technology

Information Technology Solutions Post Covid-19

The world is just learning to walk again after the pandemic. Yet the news of an economic downturn is already circulating fast. Information technology solutions proved vital in understanding and overcoming obstacles. Making it a logical choice to rely further on information technology solutions to lessen the weight of the upcoming economic downturn. Technology advances […]

Do we Depend on Technology Too Much?

From the moment our ancestors used sticks to poke at termite mounts or threw rocks at predators, our species has been fundamentally tied to the technologies that we use. As time went on, humanity became increasingly tied to the items we forge and create, and society itself was built and maintained with the tools in […]

What is the Ethical Dilemma in Information Technology?

The application of ethics and morals in technology and the extent to which ethical values are applied in technology has always been a philosophical question that is only now being looked upon. As digital development maintains its exponential rise, so does the power to act that accompanies it. Technological power in different fields, such as […]