Mission Impossible

Clairvoyant Technology

The Crystal Ball that was American TV in the Sixties What do the Roomba (that’s robot vacuum cleaner for those not paying attention since the turn of the century), iPad, video chat and tanning bed all have in common? Well, that funny looking thing that rumbles along your floor with a mind of its own […]

Clairvoyant Technology

The Future According to Bond, James Bond Since 1962, and lately in infuriatingly irregular episodes, the world has been enrapt with the adventures of Ian Fleming’s rather prescient James Bond. It’s a tough job saving the world He’s survived laser beams whose intention was to cut him in half. He narrowly avoided been tossed into […]

Virgin Hyperloop: An Open Letter to Tom Cruise

Dear Tom We’ve held our breath while you cavorted around the world’s tallest structure, Dubai’s mighty Burj Khalifa. We searched for any trickery involved when you hung on to the exterior of an Airbus military carrier in flight. Searched in vain, I might add, it turns out you were really hanging on. No green screen […]