Boston-Based Quantum Computer Quera Joins Amazon’s Cloud for Public Access

Quantum computer startup QuEra, born from researchers at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said on Tuesday its computer is now accessible to the public through Amazon.com cloud’s quantum computer service Braket. While there are various technologies for creating so-called quantum bits or qubits where the computations happen, QuEra’s qubits use neutral atoms […]

An "Eternal Engine" has Been Developed by UK Scientists to Power the Atomic Clocks of the Future

For systems like global navigation, satellite mapping, determining the composition of exoplanets, and the next generations of communications, precision timing, measured using ultra-precise atomic clocks, is crucial. The current iterations of atomic clocks are massive things, weighing hundreds of kilograms, and must be kept in precise, challenging-to-maintain environments. Because of this, researchers are scrambling to […]

Post Quantum Crypto Algorithms: Fortifying the Future

As we know by now, quantum computing is set to change the dynamics in terms of the global technological revolution and modernization of computing power. A technological colossal that is set to change how information is encrypted and data are processed. Quantum computing is not something that is easily comprehended, and the science behind it […]

The Basics of Quantum Machine Learning

Quantum computing depends on the effects of mechanics to compute problems that would be out of reach for classical computers. A quantum computer uses qubits, like regular bits in a computer, however, with the added capacity to be put into a superposition and share entanglement. Quantum machine learning explores how quantum computers can be used […]

The Future of Machine Learning and Quantum Computing

Since the rise of the fourth industrial revolution, digital innovation acted as one of the main pillars for global evolution, the future of machine learning with various tech companies adopting algorithm-based artificial intelligence (AI) will heighten the industry’s universal value. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are both associated as they are the most adopted technologies to […]