security breach

Australian Retail Giants Targeted in Facial Recognition Tech Complaint

A major consumer group has referred three of Australia’s biggest retail chains to the privacy regulator, saying they use “unreasonably intrusive” facial recognition technology on customers and recommending enforcement action. CHOICE, in a complaint to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) published on Monday, said use of the technology at JB Hi-Fi Ltd’s […]

Hacker demands $277,000 from T-Mobile’s userbase breach

T-Mobile launched on Sunday an investigation into an online forum post claiming to be trading a large volume of the operator’s sensitive data including Social Security numbers, names, addresses, and driver license information linked to 100 million users. The forum itself did not specifically mention the U.S. telecommunication operator, but according to a report by VICE’s […]

Virginia Tech targeted in Kaseya security breach

On Friday, Virginia Tech spokesman Mark Owczarski informed local media that the university was affected by the series of global security breaches that crippled businesses throughout the world. Several university units employed Kaseya – U.S.-based software company – that was breached in early July in a worldwide ransomware campaign. According to Owczarski, the virus distributed […]

Alleged Russian Security Breach on Republican GOP System

In a series of endless attacks on the U.S. and its allies’ infrastructures, a wave of Russian government-associated hacks and ransomware attacks have been reoccurring, and now another security breach has been identified on third-party provider Synnex. Following their previous attack on SolarWinds, the Russian group known as Cozy Bear, backed by the Russian government […]