Semiconductor Industry

US subsidy criteria

The criteria for new U.S. semiconductor subsidies is worrying companies such as Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and SK Hynix Inc, South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol said on Thursday, a concern shared by the world’s leading contract chipmaker in Taiwan. Conditions include sharing excess profit with the U.S. government, and three industry sources said the […]

race against Nvidia

Groq, a Silicon Valley chip startup founded by a former Alphabet Inc engineer, said on Thursday it has adapted technology similar to the underpinnings of the wildly popular ChatGPT to run on its chips. Groq modified LLaMA, a large language model released last month by Facebook parent Meta Platforms Inc that can be used to […]

Chips Act in US

South Korea’s trade minister will meet with counterparts in Washington this week to express concerns that the U.S. Chips Act could make the U.S. a less attractive investment destination, its trade ministry said. During his trip, South Korea’s trade minister Ahn Duk-geun plans to meet with senior officials from the U.S. Commerce Department and White […]

latest U.S. curbs

Nvidia Corp, Advanced Micro Devices Inc and other tech firms are scrambling to assess whether they must halt sales to units of China’s Inspur Group Ltd after its addition to a U.S. export blacklist last week. The United States last week added Inspur to its trade blacklist for allegedly acquiring U.S.-origin items in support of […]

China's chip sector

China plans to splurge to help its chip sector overcome U.S. export curbs, but money can only do so much unless Chinese firms can break from a cycle that hinders innovation and traps them at the low end of the value chain, industry players said. The government has earmarked $140 billion that could include subsidising […]

Huawei curbs

U.S. chipmaker Nvidia Corp’s plans to sell technology to China’s Huawei would be thwarted if the U.S. government proceeds with a proposal to further restrict shipments to the blacklisted company, a draft report by a government contractor shows. The Biden administration has been considering limiting the items it authorizes U.S. companies to ship to telecoms […]

U.S. export restrictions

The United States is working to expand its restrictions on the export of chipmaking equipment to China by securing cooperation with the Netherlands and Japan, forcing Chinese chipmakers to turn to domestic suppliers such as those listed below. SHANGHAI MICRO ELECTRONICS EQUIPMENT (SMEE) SMEE is China’s only producer of lithography machines used in semiconductor manufacturing, […]

self-reliant in tech

China’s science and technology policies should aim to build its strength and self-reliance, while the role of the government in pooling resources for key technological breakthroughs needed to be leveraged better, Premier Li Keqiang said on Sunday. The nation effectively countered external attempts to suppress and contain China’s development over the past five years by […]