Open Radio Access Network Is Telecom's Next Big Thing

Network Operators Got $42.3 Million for Open RAN Their Testing Needs The U.S. federal government has granted $42.3 million to a consortium of major telecom network operators and suppliers to make their Open Radio Access Network ambitions come true. The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) has granted $42.3 million for the deployment of Open […]

You’re Being Spied On

Software that can monitor your ‘soft copy’ movements and track your work to improve your productivity as an employee but without your consent

Apple Controlling the Innovation Narrative as Usual

Apple has long been known for its iterative approach to product development, continuously refining and enhancing its devices with each new iteration. As the highly anticipated iPhone 15 Pro Max is on the horizon, how will this approach influence its sales in the fiercely competitive smartphone market?  The Iterative Approach: Building on Success  Apple’s iterative […]

U.S. War on Chinese Hardware and Software

The U.S. war on China goes beyond Chinese hardware to now include its software. Can we afford slowing down technological advancements? The U.S. is not a fan of Chinese technology operating on its soil as it “strongly believes” that that could open it up to Chinese surveillance. And to drive that point home, late last […]