Space Tech

Beyond Cosmos: Space Startups

Earth-bound businesses, industries, and investors increasingly look for space to do business, compete, and invest. The continuous growth of the space economy is dependent on space enterprises showing their relevance to non-space organizations and pushing beyond existing industrial startups relationships and government contract money.  Space Startups  Many executives, analysts, and investors believe that the boom […]

Sci-Fi Tech: Space Elevators

You might be taking an elevator to the stars soon enough. While human teleportation is nearly impossible, a tubelike space elevator is plausible. While some may say the materials needed to build such elevators is quite scarce. Big names in technology, such as Japan, are still pushing forward with the space elevator. If we put […]

U.S. To Test Nuclear-Powered Spacecraft by 2027

The United States plans to test a spacecraft engine powered by nuclear fission by 2027 as part of a long-term NASA effort to demonstrate more efficient methods of propelling astronauts to Mars in the future, the space agency’s chief said on Tuesday. NASA will partner with the U.S. military’s research and development agency, DARPA, to […]

NASA to Conduct First Global Water Survey from Space

A NASA-led international satellite mission was set for blastoff from Southern California early on Thursday on a major Earth science project to conduct a comprehensive survey of the world’s oceans, lakes and rivers for the first time. Dubbed SWOT, short for Surface Water and Ocean Topography, the advanced radar satellite is designed to give scientists […]

Space Perspective Balloon: Improving Space Tourism Access

One of a select few businesses, the Space Perspective balloon solution intends to reduce the price of space travel by eliminating the need for rocket fuel, making space tourism slightly more accessible. The Spaceship Neptune, a pressurized capsule that would carry tourists to the furthest reaches of space but not officially into space, has just […]