Indian Startups Go to Court to Stop Google’s New In-App Billing System

A group of Indian startups has asked a court to suspend Alphabet Inc Google’s new in-app billing fee system until the country’s antitrust body investigates the U.S. firm for alleged non-compliance with its directives, a legal filing showed. The Alliance of Digital India Foundation (ADIF) last month asked India’s antitrust regulator to investigate Google for […]

Exclusive: South Korea Aims to Join AI Race as Startup Rebellions Launches New Chip

South Korean startup Rebellions Inc launches an artificial intelligence (AI) chip on Monday, racing to win government contracts as Seoul seeks a place for local companies in the exploding AI industry. The company’s ATOM chip is the latest Korean attempt to challenge global leader Nvidia Corp in the hardware that powers the potentially revolutionary AI […]

Telecom Events 2022: The Groundwork for a Booming 2023

2022 was a booming year for telecom conventions and events as the world became more comfortable with the new normal set by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, everyone was trying to get back into the swing of things. Throughout 2022, several telecom events brought experts and enthusiasts up to speed on what is going […]

Why UX Matters: Helping Startups Reach the Next Level

Any startup will likely tell you that garnering success as a new venture is challenging. Despite this, though, every business has to start somewhere. What matters for startups and businesses that are still in their infancy? User experience – or UX for short. It’s just one of many elements that contribute to the growth of […]

Startups Spring from Ashes of Big Tech Purge

Nic Szerman lost his job at Meta Platforms in November, just two months after joining full-time, falling victim to a sweeping 13% reduction of its workforce as the advertising market cratered. Days later he was back working, seeking investment for his own company Nulink, a blockchain-based payment company, and sent pitches to startup accelerator Y […]

Nigeria’s Female-Led Startups Winning Investors in Fight to Close Cash Gap

At Nigerian snack company ReelFruit’s Lagos warehouse a woman places handfuls of dried mangoes in bags and workers hammer open coconuts to scrape out the flesh. The company is expanding production and exports after a $3 million investment. ReelFruit is part of a burgeoning group of female-founded Nigerian startups attracting investor cash as women stake […]