Telecom Events 2022: The Groundwork for a Booming 2023

Telecom Events

2022 was a booming year for telecom conventions and events as the world became more comfortable with the new normal set by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, everyone was trying to get back into the swing of things. Throughout 2022, several telecom events brought experts and enthusiasts up to speed on what is going on in the field and laid the groundwork for all things 2023. So, let’s talk about them.

Telecom Events 2022: WINCOM

Last October, the 9th International Conference on Wireless Networks and Mobile Communications (WINCOM 2022) was held in Rabat, Morocco, at the most prestigious engineering school in Morocco, ENSIAS. The conference provided a forum for researchers and professionals from academia and industry interested in wireless networks and mobile communications to exchange ideas, discuss solutions, and share experiences.

Additionally, this MobiTic Association’s flagship conference was themed “Smart Connectivity” and featured a comprehensive, high-quality technical program. It included projects and demonstrations of innovation (Competition for researchers and engineers).

WINCOM 2022 papers were submitted to IEEExplore for possible indexation by the digital library. They were also submitted to indexing services such as SCOPUS, ISI, DBLP, and others. Papers of exceptional quality were suggested for a possible special issue in international journals. This event is one of the most career-defining Africa telecom events.

Telecom Events 2022: Cairo ICT

The Cairo ICT Exhibition and Conference held its 26th edition in November 2022, with 500+ Egyptian and international companies specializing in technology and communications solutions in attendance. The ‘Leading Change’ themed exhibition continues to be one of the most prominent regional platforms for bringing and reviewing the most important trends and technologies in the sector.

Being one of the few telecom events in Africa, Cairo ICT addressed several pertinent issues, such as the impact of cloud computing and massive international data centers on national sovereignty. It also touched on protecting countries, institutions, businesses, and other entities from the risks associated with digital transformation by allocating a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity applications and technologies based on satellite communication.

As a matter of fact, the metaverse has matured after significant investment and may result in a complete change in how people communicate. That said, this big telecom event launched a new stage concerning fintech this year. It launched a new accompanying exhibition specialized in insuretech alongside the activities of the 26th Cairo ICT Exhibition.

Telecom Events 2022: The Canadian Telecom Summit

The Canadian Telecom Summit 2022 was Canada’s leading ICT event. It attracted the most influential people who shaped Canada’s future communications and information technology direction.

The Canadian Telecom Summit featured thought-provoking presentations from industry thought leaders over three days. As one of the more prominent telecom industry events, it provided a structured environment for frank discussion, high-octane idea exchange, and networking in a more relaxed social setting of pleasant conversation. The 2022 Summit, themed “The Power of Intelligent Connectivity,” investigated the following topics:

  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Actionable Intelligence of Data for Automation and Orchestration
  • 5G Edge and Cloud – Innovation for Consumer
  • Cyber Security – Threat Landscape, Mitigation, Identity, and Data Privacy
  • 5G Edge and Cloud Innovation for Government, Enterprise, and SMB
  • Regulatory Blockbuster
  • Talent and Organization – Inclusion and Diversity
  • Open Platforms for Brokered Service Development
  • Connectivity for All – Accessibility and Affordability
  • Innovating Customer Experience – Digital, Personalized, Proactive, Self-Care, and Field Force Transformation

Telecom Events 2022: GITEX

Let’s talk about the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX), one of the Middle East’s biggest telecom events. This exhibition is significant as it unifies the world’s most influential tech startups, ecosystems, economies, investors, cultures, and businesses on one stage. The annual consumer electronics, IT, AI, and Blockchain trade show debuted in 1981 as GITE, and the rest is history. Over the years, these telecom events in Asia consistently attracted various participants, including technology enthusiasts, startup founders, etc.


Attendees of the Dubai telecom event witnessed the next-gen tech innovators and industry experts sharing knowledge of the latest trends and innovations. This event is also considered a cybersecurity telecom event and one of the telecom 5G events. The topics revolved around key ideas, including but not limited to:

  1. Metaverse: Current Trends and the Future of Metaverse Technology.
  2. Telecom and 5G: Investigating and comprehending the scope of 5G networks and the future of 6G network capabilities.
  3. Startups: The UAE’s emergence as a highly preferred startup and investment hub in the global entrepreneurship and startup landscape.
  4. Energy & Sustainability: The annual spotlight on critical ESG & Green Tech plans to accelerate decarbonization and ensure digital transformation.
  5. Digital Cities and AI: Developing a vision for tech and AI-enabled cognitive city infrastructures based on advancements such as Cloud-Enabled Shared Economies, AI-Powered City Governance Applications, and so on.
  6. Future Mobility: The robust and rapidly evolving mobility industry and its subjects, such as EVs, Autonomous & Connected Vehicles, Sustainable Transportation, and so on.
  7. Healthcare: Investigating and comprehending trends at the forefront of healthcare technology, such as integrated diagnostics, AR/VR, Virtual Collaborative Platforms, and so on.
  8. Cybersecurity: The Metaverse and NFT Threat Landscape, Cyber Attacks in the Digital World of eSports, Automation and AI-Powered Attacks, and so on.
  9. Data Economy: Examining the potential data and analytics market, such as Cloud-Native and Self-Service Analytics, Cleaner and Greener AI for Data Centers, Edge Computing and Business Intelligence Adoption, and so on.


These fierce telecom events open the floor for discussions vital for the future of telecom, such as next-generation networks (5G and 6G), environmental sustainability, Big Data for wireless networks, and AI and ML for wireless communication systems. These discussions are vital for the innovations coming in 2023 and upward. And thus, they put us on the fast track toward cognitive cities such as Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. Additionally, Tech giants around the globe are putting their all into a tech-oriented future, including the metaverse. Some of these conferences are held in such revered cities in the MENA region. So. they put the region on the map and make the middle eastern and African experts part of this conversation. Mark your telecom events calendar, as 2023 is looking booked!

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