A smart city strategy

No one will refuse the opportunity to see what cities will look like in the future. You’ve probably wished you had a time machine that could take you further in time to see what the future of cities will bring and where your city is heading. In the absence of the time machine, I can […]

One by one, over the last week of May, Twitter Inc rang up some members of its incoming class of new hires who had recently graduated from college and revoked the job offers in 15-minute calls, according to some of the recipients. “It was traumatic,” Iris Guo, an incoming associate product manager living in Toronto, […]

How Dubai faced the pandemic with compassion and technology

The United Arab Emirates has always been known to have a hands-on approach when dealing with challenging situations, placing the safety of their citizens as their top priority, especially during the COVID-19 global pandemic. Under the helm of Dubai’s ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Emirate – with a population of approximately 9.9 […]

tech startups

The outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic has adversely impacted the global economy and industries across the world. However, the increasing reliance on technology – by enterprises and people – to help facilitate communication and productivity in these challenging times, has led tech startups to thrive on new opportunities amidst the pandemic. According to Statista, America […]

Industry 4.0 Digital risk

Industry 4.0 – Also known as the 4th industrial revolution, is a leap into everything digital. It embraces a new industrial revolution through intelligent and self-reliant technologies. Its aim is to connect the digital world with the physical one and phase out any boundaries between the two. With the support of connectivity it is a […]