Tim Cook

Hands Up Who Was Surprised When they Killed the Apple Car

In a move that shocked the world on Tuesday, Apple terminated their decade-long program to build a car. The shock was that it took so long to kill it off. The process had been so beset with issues that, internally, the so-called Titan Project was whisperingly referred to as the Titanic Project. Various media reports […]

‘Caretaker’ Cook Pushes Apple Past $3trn

Apple has become the first publicly-traded company to be valued at $3,000,000,000,000. At the close of play on Friday, the share price of the company had risen to $193.97. It had crossed the $3 trillion mark before – twice actually, but was not able to sustain that value by market closure each time. The recent […]

Apple’s Lifetime: Steve Jobs vs. Tim Cook

Apple has had varying degrees of success throughout its lifetime, with the company’s history often divided into two distinct periods: Steve Jobs’ and Tim Cook’s leadership. When people talk about innovation and creativity, their thoughts go straight to Apple Inc., the mogul responsible for creating the blueprint of technological success. Regardless of one’s opinion, the […]