Web3 Will Save Your Data, but Will It Save You Money?

You need to keep up. Web3 is not something to anticipate. It is something you need to adapt to and live with. Web3 is the next step for various sectors, and the telecom sector is no different. Telecom and Web3 are codependent. There is a need for a balance between them. This balance is crucial […]

CurateDAO Introduces Curate-to-Earn Web3 Platform 

After the popularity of move-to-earn (M2E) and play-to-earn (P2E) gaming spread in 2021, thanks to STEPN (GMT) and Axie Infinity (AXS), another iteration of the “to earn” concept debuts in the form of CurateDAO’s Curate-to-Earn platform.  The CurateDAO team announced to Cointelegraph that they have launched a database platform resembling Pinterest on the Avalanche (AVAX) […]

What is the Future of Cryptocurrency in India?

Over the past ten years, especially over the last three, the crypto sector has expanded from a tiny group of creators to a trillion-dollar worldwide business encompassing advanced technology, a wide range of applications, and millions of users. India is at the forefront of these changes. With a sizable portion of the population eager to […]

The Dark Side of the Metaverse

If you have ever opened a videogame chat lobby, you know what toxic behavior sounds like across the microphone. You will inevitably hear some flattering remarks targeting your family members or their respective private parts. While these issues have always been there, and most gamers are used to the occasional inappropriate remark or hurtful comment, […]

The Central Role of Telecom Operators in the Metaverse

The digital world has been witnessing intermittent events that change how we interact, access information, complete our daily activities, and basically live our daily life beyond our physical connections. Probably the first prominent introduction was the Internet and the world wide web in the nineties. The next awaited event is the advent of the Metaverse, […]